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04 mars 2012

The Review 5DMarkIII two horses wrong pedal 01

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Canon Nikon released its own midrange full-frame SLR 5D MarkII with the D700, in fact, as early as 2005, Canon the first to introduce the level of product 5D, the critically acclaimed on the market, full frame closer to consumers. 2008 is already the second generation of Nikon to curb the 5D, introduced in July the D700 pixels on par with the 5D (1200 pixels), high-sensitivity performance and focus performance as a selling point, the idea is also a continuation D3 high sense of success path, who knows what Canon striking, the September launch of the 5D MarkII with higher resolution and full HD video as a selling point, although the focus system shabby 9:00 (only the center cross, 50D 9:00 Cross), but can not stop the consumption pixels, HD desire.


5D MarkII to become the first digital SLR that can shoot 1080P Full HD video camera (Nikon D90 only five minutes 720P), plus comparable to the 1Ds MarKIII 21 million pixels, and a praise to win on the market theory can not be the D700 highly susceptible to reverse reality.


2012 comes just as the London Olympics in this classic drama staged again after introducing the Olympic machine 1DX and D4, Canon Nikon, Nikon was the first force, February D800/D800E, a reversal of the previous high sense of line, not delegated D4 16 million pixel CMOS, instead of using the 36.3 million pixel CMOS (suspected Sony) As for the 51-point Multi-CAM 3500FX, 90,000 1RGB metering Nikon tradition, decentralization from the top without reservation!


At first glance, the Nikon D800 is the Nikon version of the 5D MarkII? Pixels, full HD video are the D700 it hurts! Nikon obvious move, four years, Nikon recognizes that the majority of consumers still love pixels, shouting high sensitivity not many people buy it. Pixel Nikon surge is also the solution of the wire (Nikon fan) years of hunger and thirst of the pixel (the D3X pixels high, but not cheap). However, rapid growth in recent years, the pixel APS-C format Sony has got a 24 million pixel, high sensitivity (ISO) noise control performance was flat, so that we may raise concerns about the D800 only weakness - high ISO noise performance.


The fact that the full frame area is about 2.25 times of the APS-C frame, the pixel size of the D800, D7000 quite close to 4.8 microns with its own, taking into account the EXPEED escort, in theory, high ISO performance is not weaker than the D7000. However, all these years the theory of Nikon's high sense of marketing, did not play a strong stimulating effect, but to the vast number of consumers impressed! Some even hope that the D800 can exceed three times the pixels turn the D700 high ISO performance ...

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